Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is an FDA-approved treatment for heroin and other opiate addictions. Our strict controlled medication-assisted treatment program for opioid dependence include the use of buprenorphine (Suboxone) to complement the education, counseling and other support measures that focus on the behavioral aspects of opioid addiction.   This medication can allow one to regain a normal state of mind – free of withdrawal, cravings and the drug-induced highs and lows of addiction which if untreated can lead to relapse.​

We provide education about symptoms and their physiological and psychosocial causes with the goal to arm our clients with information needed regarding their particular addiction, so they can develop sound strategies for managing the addictive mechanisms in their lives and build long-term healing from their addiction disease.​

Addiction / Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services based upon individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations. 

Your individualized addiction plan is customized according to the addiction severity, presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder, and your unique needs.