About West Texas Psychiatry

We provide a wide range of mental health services and counseling. 

We are committed to providing high quality care in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. 

  • To create a clinical environment to promote and foster emotional and psychological growth and wellbeing. ​
  • Through assestments to determine  an accurate diagnostics.​
  • Key interest in methodically determining root cause of the symptoms, whether genetic, metabolic, nutritional, environmental or chemically induced.

Complete treatment plans include first-line non-pharmacological modalities including correction of nutritional deficiencies metabolic abnormalities, trace minerals supplementations, proper nutritions and therapy counseling and if needed pharmacological treatments.

Our facility uses specific treatment models of psychiatric fundamentals to provide counseling for substance abuse and nutrition management.​Using genomic testing to evaluate how medications based on your genetic profile combined with patient driven goals supported by provider collaborations and community partnerships to reach optimal treatment​.

Psychiatry Evaluations