What is NEBA ADD/ADHD Brainwave Test?

NEBA is a FDA approved brand new type of ADHD/ADD test.  NEBA is the first medical device based on brain function that can assist in definitely diagnosing ADHD/ADD in children and adolescents.


West Texas Psychiatry has begun offering NEBA ADHD Testing.   This test takes 15-20 minutes and is safe and non-invasive.

How does NEBA System work?

The NEBA process involves:


Initial Appointment

Diagnostic workup and clinical evaluation for ADHD/ADD with our providers (typically a 1-hour appointment)  


Second Appointment

Scheduled for the in-office NEBA Brainwave Scan procedure takes 15-20 mins to administer and collect data but can take up to 1-hour if connection issues or interference.   Results typically available within 48-72 hrs.

Follow-Up Appointment

Schedule a follow-up appointment to review

       - the clinical scan results of the brainwave data collected

       - review the clinical integrated results of the provider's    

         clinical impression

       - review of the generated report provides important brain

         wave data that can be utilized by your child's psychiatric

         provider to assist in reaching a reliable diagnosis of


This test can be used for new diagnosis or to confirm previous ADD/ADHD diagnosis

What is the cost of NEBA ADHD Brainwave Testing?

Total out of pocket expense for the NEBA test is $325 and is NOT covered by most insurances. *** (does not include patient co-pay for each visits)

What is the next step to get NEBA ADHD Testing?

Call West Texas Psychiatry at (432) 218-9920 to schedule an appointment


How NEBA Works

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                                                                QUICK FACTS

o FDA Approved (Age 6-17 years)

o In-Office procedure takes 15- 20 min of Brainwave Data gathering

o Quick, Convenient & Friendly Process

o Results Available in  48-72 hours with up to 96% Accuracy

o For New Diagnosis or To Confirm Previous ADD/ADHD

o  Cost $325 (total out of pocket cost for the test) ***Does not include co-pay cost for visit.  Option To See Psychiatrist  Dr. Pepermintwala or available provider to optimize ADD/ADHD Treatment


How NEBA Helps

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